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Digital Marketing | Hiawassee, GA

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Hey guys! I am so happy you've landed on my page! My name is Diane Turpin and I am a momma to three beautiful babies whom I love with my whole heart!


So, I originally graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Education. I aspired to become a science teacher but after working in the school system for some years, then having my first baby, my plans quickly changed! My husband and I decided that I stay home after the birth of our second child and it has been the best experience and I would not change it for the world! We believe that me raising our children at home rather than sending to them to daycare was the best thing for our family. I have been a homemaker for almost three years now!


I began working a few hours a week with my husband, who owns his own business selling truck beds and truck accessories ( you can check out his business at ). We wanted to jumpstart his business, so naturally we researched, "how to grow business" and found that we can do a number things! We learned that we could get a head start through the use of digital marketing with social media  and search engine optimization or SEO (get found on Google), so when people Googled "truck beds" we wanted to show up! We started using a HUGE, popular company with like multiple locations to do this for us and to say the least it was not our best experience. This is when I began doing my own research on SEO (remember, this is what helps you get found on Google). I took numerous amounts of courses and did hours and hours of research, and that is when a light bulb lit up. I was like, "I should do this, I can do this for other businesses." SO I DID! I started doing the search engine optimization and social media management for my husband and for his dad's business, just to get some experience under my belt. 


And now, here we are. I've started my own digital marketing agency and my goal is to help the small businesses of Hiawassee, GA grow business online, increase online presence, brand building, increase sales, etc! I want to work on their search engine optimization so they get found on Google and be a social media manager by creating uniquely tailored content. I want to be THERE. I don't want to be like the company we started with, who would call me for two minutes once a month, had no idea who I was or really had any care about the success of my husband's business. 

So, if anything I've said interests you and you're a small business owner in Hiawassee, contact me so we can discuss a plan of action for you!

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